[quote]…Our staff has enjoyed trail running, mountain biking, haunted forest, x-country skiing and other outdoor activities at Catamount for many years. As a company we have grown recently to over 25 employees with our acquisition of ESI from Winooski, Vermont and together we have seriously embraced wellness, healthy living, and fitness. We love working in Williston and having Catamount as a resource for outdoor fitness activities so close by is fantastic. We are family oriented as well, and our children have also participated in your wonderful summer camps. We are very lucky and blessed to such a wonderful facility right in our back yard and owe you all a big thanks for all the heard work you do. We really appreciate it and want to show our financial support…[/quote]

Jeremy Matosky, P.E.

President, Trudell Consulting Engineers

[quote]…Catamount has provided the opportunity for our entire family to be active in a natural environment and to share memories that will last a lifetime. It is hard to imagine that what started in 2003 as a fun Tuesday evening run for Linda and Sam (then age 7), turned into a place where we now all enjoy four seasons worth of activities. We also could not have predicted that both of our sons would eventually be diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. As adopting a healthy active lifestyle is key to the ongoing management of the disease, Catamount became more than just a way to connect with nature and family. So beyond the camps, races and trails there is also the Catamount community, which has supported and encouraged our family on this journey. We know that the friends and role models our children have met at Catamount will leave a positive impact that will last a lifetime. All in all, while it is difficult to capture the many positive things in words, it can be summed up with the feeling Linda and I often get on late summer evening runs. The feeling that we are so fortunate to have such a wonderful resource in our own backyard.[/quote]

Kort & Linda L